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A self sufficient community supporting people with critical needs and inclusive of the wider community.

A Weather and Root community will have at its centre 6-8 adults with critical needs supported by others resident and non resident.

It will be place for people to live fulfilling lives. Through working with each other, life long learning , and meeting everyone's primary needs.

It will include the wider community through access to its creative arts centre (and skill-based workshops) and to its community gardens.

It will aim to be a self sufficient and sustainable community.

The whole site will be designed to allow individual privacy as well as opportunities for community activities. There will be places of play and tranquillity.

Exploring technical and attitudinal necessities for living happily together guessing and learning openly.

Providing affordable housing and land within which to provide for our basic needs, places to work and places to play.

Learning from models of community living from the past and present looking to develop ways of living for the future.

Expecting and enabling things to evolve.

People and their personal assistants acting as a beacon enhancing the cohesion of the wider community making us all feel stronger through generosity.




project proposers: emma withers and phil robbins