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what will weather and root provide?


An inclusive and welcoming community for people to live and work in.

Facilities and attitudes which complement and inspire each other.

Purposeful activities and opportunities both within the weather and root community and the wider community.

A residential centre for autists and other people with additional needs

The best possible support from people trained to the highest standards

Training and support for all people working and living within the community

A creative centre with a simple layout allowing multiple uses including theatre, music and workshops. A gallery and exhibition space and dedicated studios/workshops for professional art and craft makers. Attitude encouraging risk taking and play.

A day centre alongside the creative centre for people to enjoy being themselves. Also a place for people to find out about themselves and those they love and care for. We will support people holistically helping them gain skills, awareness and a sense of joy in living. This centre will include or connect to places for learning, places for coaching, places for training, places for assessment, places for talking, places for finding alternatives, places for acceptance.

A residential community supporting the critical needs of adults - living in specially designed housing units in the way that they wish.


Affordable housing for local people and for residential support workers including financial trust fund hedging against external property cost rises so as to maintain people's long term housing options.

Accommodation for individual and whole family respite.

Up to date facilities within a beautiful and developing landscape

Workshops in self build, horticulture and whatever is requested and enhances everyone's skills, physical, mental, emotional.



project proposers: emma withers and phil robbins