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the need for weather and root

There is a growing deficit in provision of services and life choices for people with critical needs; many are very isolated and unable to give of their best, reach their potential and attain contentment in their lives.

Current models for provision are moving towards personal budgets within a context of fewer centres to visit so risking further isolation for these people.

Weather and root seeks to reverse this deficit by celebrating differences, making people who need help to survive the focal point of a new generosity of spirit (a generosity so amply repaid by these pure and inspiring people), and making places for people to live together in meaningful community.

Resource constraints on the sector have led to a dangerous and haphazard erosion of what provision existed;

Every person counts in this society dereliction of our responsibilities to the most vulnerable is a damnation of our concern with pecuniary and budgetry prudence.

Millions of people are affected by the lack of provision for this group the economic impact through mental and physical illnesses caused by caring with inadequate resources is massive;

Communities need to find their souls again and caring for those who need our help in a creative caring community like that proposed by Weather and Root will achieve this is a spectacular and beautiful way.

In creating green self sufficient communities Weather and Root also seeks to be a part in alleviating the continuing housing crisis facing young people. By allocating a part of wages and rental on community dwellings to individual trust funds we will help members of the community build up savings towards housing to be released when they leave.




project proposers: emma withers and phil robbins