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1st guesses on some major questions

Who will live at weather and root?

6-10 people with critical needs with a specialisation in autists up to 30 people with typical neurology perhaps 20 settled and 10 transitory

When will weather and root start building?

2010 so as to be open for residents by 2012

How will weather and root be funded?

Government and LA funding will support residents with critical needs through personal funding budgets which will also fund support work by other residents. weather and root will seek to minimise it's cost base through bartering with the wider economic community and through self sufficiency in as wide a range of products and services as possible.

capital grants from UK, EU and LA Private funds raised by charitable trust in support of project sponsorships from appropriate big companies.

Where will weather and root be?

We are looking at establishing the 1st weather and root community in Suffolk

How will weather and root be governed, structured and run?

this needs a lot of research work it will have a charitable trust dedicated to raising funds, making sure the community adheres to its founding principles and being part of the community of voluntary providers. residents will all be members of the caucus which oversees and monitors the running of the community this caucus will have representation on the trust day to day running will seek consensus voting will be the exception rather than the rule



project proposers: emma withers and phil robbins