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a vision of weather and root
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the growing need
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what will weather and root consist of?


A centre for the community including non-residents

Individual units for every resident

Self built and brought in eco housing

Designed to sit in the land be semi mobile and to connect up with each other

A respite centre for non-residents and their families

A set of quiet places for assessment, evaluation and chatting helping all people realise acceptance and change.


A community herb garden

A community flower garden

A community fruit garden

A community vegetable garden

A large place of play

A place of silence

A place for sharing/laughing

A place of fire and stories

A place of eating

A place of intoxication

A place of singing

A place of dancing

A place of making

A community coppice large enough to produce firewood and building wood for the community

A mixed produce farm

A four field system of gardens for residents to grow what they need and to include private garden space for everyone

Connections to the wider community



project proposers: emma withers and phil robbins