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the benefits of weather and root


a weather and root community creates a very visible setting for purposeful living for people from a whole geographic community. Over time this will have a very positive impact on community cohesion and we hope the overall sense of wellbeing among members of the community.

an inspiring example of how sustainable living can be possible and exciting

greater accessibility to support for taking dynamic risks around creative activities and overall and life choices.


such a community promotes the understanding of inherent differences and similarities between people

such a community promotes the notion of actively accepting other peoples views and ways of being as well as accepting oneself

such a community enables people to find a core set of purposes to work with throughout their lives

such a community promotes the fact that people of all ages who work with people with disabilities, impairments and different abilities and talents find it profoundly inspiring.

It brings purpose to life to help someone enjoy life

It brings lessons on what it is to be human to be happy to communicate from the heart

It brings people of all ages races religions types together



project proposers: emma withers and phil robbins