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Between earth and sky sit
Gathered in energy
A pen, a breath, a movement, another being
Offers a beginning, a flow and then an end
To be awake
And so your tears become the spirit of rock

p. robbins 2019

"Philip Robbins' art evokes the wave we are on and sometimes in, the beauty
and the flow of energy running through us. You can sense the brush landing
on the paper or canvas and then moving, describing us, how we get caught
up, travel and end. How each moment as a companion in the world brings a
different beautiful flavour."

Everything starts with empty space, alone and then with another, then there
is movement. It is intimate, you feel it within you, how being in this world in
silence brings stillness and then action, gentle, and perhaps grace. You too
are caught up and then flow back to the beginning. You know who is
genuinely here, who it is you trust.

"Many of Phil's recent pieces are a single touch, a few marks. A wave that
rises, from time to time breaks, then falls back into the embrace of the deep
Sometimes this happens to us, sometimes it happens to Phil."