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Phil Robbins' work explodes with energy.  It engages your attention immediately - it connects with something
deep inside  - challenging and exciting.   

The dual nature of all our feelings - sorrow and joy - anger and love - active and passive - organic and 
inorganic - restrained and free - is visible in the deep black backgrounds giving way to dancing energy.

Each work seems to have its own pulse which transmits to the viewer - recharging.

"We are like bundles of energy dancing along some multi dimensional thread within these infinite impossibilities 
laughing crying making life making contact with other people  things – solids – liquids (when we’re lucky) 
–  sounds  –  gases even –- we observe and guess and do our best to understand - having fun seems to work. 

The connection between the energy of the universe and our experience as human beings is beautiful to me
and what I explore in my work.    Energy flows – it rises and falls within us like a tide– we are jostled by everyday
noise – and yet sometimes we can feel the long slow tides of our essence - the slower rhythms which perhaps do 
not end with death."

Philip Conway Robbins

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Date of Birth:   30.12.1957

2016-           Warriors for the Human Spirit - Meg Wheatley
2013	        Certified Integral Development Coach
2009	        Training in Person Centred Planning facilitation for people in Suffolk
2008	        Partners in Policy Making, Eastern Region., training in working with and supporting people
                     with disabilities and impairments and in the statutary framework for assessment and support
1996 -	        Training in techniques appropriate to enhancing learning for people with SEN and classical 
                     autism e.g.: NLP, ABA, Intensive Interaction, Son Rise  using both behavioral and relational techniques
1995	        Norwich School of Art and Design, 	M.A. in Fine Art.
1981	        London School of Economics, 	     	M.Sc. in Economics.
1979	        New College, University of Oxford, 	MA, P.P.E.,  P.P.P, Zoology


2014 - 	     Expert by Experience on Care Treatment Reviews – post winterbourne transforming care
                     and improving lives programme
1994 -	         Managing home based educational programme for Son with autism and severe LD – 
                     multi agency funded - using multiple techniques as appropriate to the person
2008-	        Guest lecturer at University Campus Suffolk  on “The Impact of People on Families”
2007-	        Founder member of  Weather and Root – a project to set up inclusive communities with
                    people with disabilities and impairment and carers at the center.
2006- 	        Participating artist in Eastfeast Professional Development Programme for creative 
                    practitioners working in schools 

1996 -	        Co-founder, treasurer and resident artist of Asylum Studios, Rendlesham –         
1994 -01	   Insite - Artists Multimedia Programme, Arts Council and Lottery  funded multimedia                programme.
                    Co-orginator of project and Member of Project Team, responsibility for IT support for commissioned
                    Commissioned artist.
1995-96	   Part-time lecturer ‘Digital technology for Fine Art Practice’ Norwich School of Art and Design.
                    Part-time lecturer ‘Experimental Photography and Digital Technology’ Kingsway College, London.
1982-94	   Senior Consultant Economist, Economist Intelligence Unit
1991		   Featured Artist, Anglia TV's 'Moving Art' programme.
1991		   Visiting lecturer, Goldsmiths' MA in Fine Art

Selected exhibitions

2008	      Two person show “weather and root” at Highgate Gallery, London  and Landguard Fort, Felixstowe
                    launching the inclusive community project
2000-         Open Studios, Asylum Studios, Suffolk 
2005		  ‘Secret Refuge’ - one person show at ‘The Cut’, Halesworth, Suffolk
2003		  ‘Asylum’ - one person show at The Highgate Gallery, London
2003		   Commissioned Artist for Ipswich IpArt Festival